by Nonsense premonition

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Second album of Nonsense Premonition, Extreme death metal from colombia!


released August 22, 2015

Drums: Sander Bermudez
Guitar: Alejandro Gonzales
Guitar: Sebastian Posso
Voice: David Jacome
Bass: Andres Piñeros
Bass on tracks 4 and 8 by Camilo Castañeda

Recorded in Audiofactory Studios by Diego moreno and David Celi
Mixed in Audiofactory studios by David Celi
Mastered in C1 Mastering by Carlos Silva
Music by Sebastian Posso/ David Jacome
Lyrics by Sebastian Posso
Art and design by Sharpball

*Pueblos erguidos all rights reserved to A.N.I.M.A.L.



all rights reserved


Nonsense premonition Bogota, Colombia

Nonsense Premonition (NsP), formed in the early 2004 by the initiative of Camilo García (bass) and David Jácome (vocals), influenced by many different Metal genres but focusing in extreme Metal as a final goal, the band’s nowdays compositions blend Technical Death Metal and Death metal without leaving behind Black, Thrash and Groove Metal in their sound. ... more

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Track Name: Shrouded Lucidity
What is truth? its More a matter of realizing that each one has his own version of it.
i feel a void in me that needs to be filled with answer.
Cuz everything i belived in, its just not enough anymore
how long can i last when i'm my own enemy.
there's nowhere to hide
Track Name: Veritas
wise men tried so hard to resolve the origin of life
philosophical convocatory of ideas - a verbiage of theories
evolved into cults for the joy of the poorly minded fanatics
a feast for the greedy selfproclaimed enlightened

your limited ability to empathize others convictions
is pulling my patience to a limit soon to be reached
vomited an equation to solve the mystery - many have done so!
gather a mass army of desperate faith-anorexics
whom shall swallow the only truth - many have been sold!
to feed the greedy self-appointed saviors

i´ve heard many of the pompous theories
from the brilliant minds in a laboratory
to the hilarious creativity of fictional realities
a grocery full of canned speculations to satiate the curious

why is the need to fact one only truth
mind is endless as the universe, thats what we`ve failed to known
garnished the infinite with finite ornaments so empty and transient
spoils of a limited conscience condemned to decompose
dreams of catching the unreachable just to downgrade it to our level

that odious way to spread your famished creed
is pulling my patience to a limit long time reached.
violence will proceed
i´ve realized the truth
there is not an absolute truth
Track Name: Unmerciful season
spiritual cilice adjusted to retain
the Gemini of my inner conscience
abrupt disruption of the Living flow
lay shades upon our self convinced integrity
low lives and crawler beings, summoned like swarms
to feed on the opportunity - scavengers of the already rotted world.

isolation as a way to scape
self confinement wont work
The emptiness soon will tear your soul apart
meditation interrupted by immaterial consciousness - which your body alienates
now the shrouded lucidity has been turned into nemesis

unmerciful seasons - the circle keeps turning
i can feel the wrong rotation!
feels like poisonous reek of putrefaction
which withers all that once was pure
the decadence of the masses - just a function for the gods.

egomaniacal illusions
fueled with a romantic spice of self pity
whispers that i must be the hero
the conqueror of this disastrous tale
yet i'm my own antagonist, and the epic struggle is growling
soon to start with my sanity as the battlefield.

when the battle`s over i`ll remain the same.
a circle keeps looping, fool whom attempt to refrain
for i've died as a martyr just to spawn and redeem with blood
what was taken away from me.

unmerciful seasons , the circle keeps turning,
but i can feel the wrong rotation
feels like poisonous reek of putrefaction,
which withers all that once was pure
the decadence of the masses - just a function for the gods.
Track Name: Catatonic
Tons of mother fuckers coming up
Whit their banners and crosses…
It’s far from them to understand,
It’s under our skin, its corroding our minds
collective thoughts, particles with self conscience
immaterial but so real it lashed our sanity
It’s above and beyond from their simple way of life

Object their final sentences and burn them
Get ready to set the human dimension in fire
everything you know you shall forget
for we`ve waken the blinds who watch
vicious entities of hate, vomited from vile thoughts
a compilation of fears and loathsome acts
commoun demeanor of human plague

Yes, what are you (Egregor)
[Catatonic disease]
Yes, what are you made of (scorn)
[You can’t label me]

Yes, defeat them (Archetypes)
[Catatonic disease]
Yes, believe it (now)
[You can’t label me]

survive! I’ve got my own totem
machinations of the grief we bear for others
Overcome the decay; spreading the scent of our lives
behold and embrace our creation
With my footsteps printed in its razor’s edge
…And this blood in my hands; it doesn’t feel mine
You’re never gonna’ get me cause’ this is my religion.
Track Name: Into the Trilithon
it is our reaction to the unknown that defines our wisdom
and i feel a call to open gates in search of wisdom and power
Cause this reality is just unbereable, what lies beyond the veil?
Track Name: Wrong Path (N.F.I.)
welcome to the grim courtyard
The mind’s back door that should not be opened
egomaniacal quest for the spirit's starvation!
you seek gates to knowledge unknown
power beyond your pathetic comprehension

yet here you are on your knees
praying on the wrong side of the zen
vital force running away from your veins

we are the dwellers of another dimension
where countless gods awaits to become human
for men shares the essence of divine
comes from the infinite and goes towards it

open your eyes and behold the pitiful cage that your reality has become
your megalomaniac search for power is over
trying to understand the whole universe is futile
you only need to reach yourself and realize the universe within

and here you are on your knees
dying on the wrong side of the veil
blood still running away from your veins

we are you and many others. here, before and after
all caught in this spiral serpent like
perfecting the soul will take more than one life
and you are wasting the insignificant one you now possess
a sage does not depend on no man
only responds to the voice of his own conscience
do, or do not, there is not try.

welcome to the chaos realm
The mind’s back door that you trespassed
a burnt offering you have made of yourself
spiritual cattle about to die
no power nor knowledge you got
Track Name: The Inner Sanctum
a soul reborn
one more chance to prove myself
a new sun for this murky life
high price paid in blood,
for this nonsense premonition
wisdom about to expire

a wind`s change, misgiving`s ends
the time of the lamb is over
i break the chains restraining my soul
to reach my roots, my inner sanctum
the mind and soul's crucible

no harm will i receive
- my unwavering will
no fear shall i dread
- my immovable resolution

hear my fucking warcry!
lets eradicate this fools's crusade
Sever the verge between before and after
my tainted hands i will cleanse
no more erratic prays

my circle is complete, i am my own master
the time of the lamb is over
I fell to the bottom and it's time to rise
gotta reach my roots, my inner sanctum
where mind and soul will merge

i will never wane
- my unfettered mind
i will not hesitate
- my perpetual soul
Track Name: Surmounting Terror
All the way down we've been broken to pieces
dragged below the threshold and beyond the limit
too much we had to endure
THE CHARIOT is running wild
to a zero point of human tolerance
where frustration escalates to violence

Relentless terrors strikes
ignominious hordes of trepidation and disarray
inbreed an autoimmune anxiety
harassing at lucidity`s door.
the herald of JUDGMENT is playing the tune of disharmony
our ambitions and will chained, enslaved to the shudder of perilous fear

goofer dust on our beds
we have been coursed and jinxed
back stabbed and calumniated
by mediocre rabble
its time to turn back the rotation of this WHEEL OF FORTUNE
get ready to strike this surmounting terror until we die.

hear our roar,
enough we've had of this witless Throng,
like swarm of louses
feasting on our dreams and goals
cut all vain ties and fumigate the vermin, lets kill THE EMPRESS.
call war upon those who stands in our way!!!

i herby rise the banner of the jackal
and summon the pack of hounds
to reveal hidden agendas
and shatter treacherous acts
follow our instincts to obtain the boon of the HIGH PRIESTESS
the way to obtain deep insight from our collective unconscious.

All the way down we have been broken to pieces
dragged below the threshold and beyond the limit
too much we had to endure
with a deck on the table
and all the chips against us
this surmounting terror will not prevail
Track Name: Sancto Sanctorum (Spanish version)
un alma que renace
otra oportunidad para probar lo que valgo
nuevo sol para esta vida turbia
con sangre pago este alto precio
por una premonición sin sentido
sabiduría a punto de expirar.

un viento cambia, mi intriga acaba
la era del cordero ha terminado
rompo cadenas que a mi alma ahogan
busco mi raíz, sanctasanctórum
el crisol de la mente y espíritu

ninngun daño recibiré
- mi voluntad inquebrantable
ningún miedo temeré
- mi resolución inamovible

oyeme cuando grito
vamos a erradicar esta cruzada de terquedad
rompiendo el margen entre antes y después
mis manos manchadas he de limpiar
sin mas oraciónes al azar

el circulo completo, soy mi propio maestro
la era del cordero ha terminado
hasta el fondo he caído y es hora de ascender
llego a mi raíz, sanctasanctórum
donde el alma y la mente se funden

nunca decaeré
- mi mente sin restricciones
nunca vacilare
- mi alma perpetua